Dangerous fake of euchroma cream · hydroquinone

Wednesday August 1st, 2018

Dangerous imitation of euchroma cream

Is it manufactured in China? I do not seem to be able to identify, but please be careful because fake products of Yukuma cream are on the circulation.
Because it is a cream to use on the skin, it is very dangerous if one with weak skin uses it.

How to distinguish fake products of euchroma cream

There is no way to distinguish fake products of euchroma cream. However, fake euchroma cream is shipped from Southeast Asia.
Although it is impossible to distinguish fakes, the areas selling fakes are limited.

Also, if you import individuals from areas that only deal with genuine items, it will not be a problem.

Made in India YASH PHARMA
Hydroquinone 4% blended Yukuroma cream 20 g

Because Yukuroma is made in India, it is safe to purchase from a company shipping from India.

The reason why the popular Yukuroma cream is being circulated cheaply is that it was a fake product.




YASH PHARMA社製の製造販売中のハイドロキノン配合のクリームは。ユークロマクリーム4%とNewユークロマplusクリームの2種類です。







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